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Truck Accidents, Driver Fatigue and Your Legal Rights


Providing Answers and Representation Following Truck Accidents in New York

The laws in place to ensure the safe operation of cars and light trucks are often expanded and amplified when they address the operation of heavy trucks and commercial vehicles. An example of this are laws governing the prevention of truck driver fatigue.

Semi trucks and their cargoes can weigh many tons. The laws recognize the importance of ensuring that the drivers who operate these trucks are alert, awake and responsive. Truck drivers, therefore, are required to take breaks, avoid driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol and medications, which can contribute to fatigue, and follow numerous other regulations meant to prevent truck driver fatigue.

If you have been injured in a truck accident in New York State, it’s important to work with an experienced truck accident attorney to determine whether truck driver fatigue contributed to your accident. Establishing negligence can affect the success of your case, as well as the level of compensation you receive.

Kenneth A. Pryor of The Pryor Law Firm has handled truck accident cases in New York for nearly two decades. His skill at recovering high-value compensation for accident victims is illustrated by his membership in the prestigious Million Dollar Advocates Forum. His track record includes several seven-figure results, including a $1.3 million result following a recent truck accident.

Our firm can conduct the investigation necessary to uncover evidence of negligence and driver fatigue. Our recovery of drivers’ logs, data boxes, phone records, employment records and truck maintenance records has contributed to successful outcomes in numerous truck accident cases. Contact us to discuss your truck accident questions and concerns.

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The Pryor Law Firm operates offices in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Nassau County, operates exclusively on a contingency fee basis (meaning you pay no fee unless we recover compensation for you) and can visit you or your loved one at home or at a hospital if travel is difficult. To contact us for help following an accident, call (855) 889-5311.

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