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At The Pryor Law Firm, your recovery is our biggest reward. That is why our New York City legal team works diligently to obtain the full and fair compensation that you deserve. These are examples of past verdicts & settlements* ranging from car accidents to wrongful death cases, where we utilized more than 25 years of experience and knowledge to tailor a case strategy based upon each unique matter. No cases are identical so we never guarantee future results, but we always overprepare our cases, giving us the cutting-edge over the negligent party and their insurance company. This commitment shows in the millions our firm has recovered for our clients.

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* In some cases verdict amounts may have been subsequently reduced by the court or settled by the parties for a lesser amount. Some cases were handled by Kenneth Pryor on behalf of other firms.

  • $3.62 Million
    Construction Accident Recovery for Brooklyn construction worker who was injured in fall from a scaffold.
  • $3.2 Million
    Pedestrian Accident Verdict for 62 year-old woman hit by car in Brooklyn
  • $2.8 Million
    Car Accident Recovery for physician who sustained head injury in motor vehicle accident.
  • $1.8 million
    Construction Accident Recovery for construction worker who injured his back due to inadequate lighting
  • $1.6 million
    Pedestrian Accident Recovery after trial for a six year-old boy who was struck by a van as he was leaving a youth group function without any adult supervision. The case settled after the jury returned a liability verdict against the driver and the youth organization who failed to supervise him
  • $1.5 million
    Pedestrian Accident Verdict in Nassau County for a 70 year-old pedestrian who sustained a broken leg and broken foot after being hit by a car as it turned into a parking lot.
  • $1.36 million
    Slip, Trip and Fall Accident Recovery for Bronx woman who suffered serious neck and back injuries when she slipped and fell on ice at work
  • $1.3 million
    Pedestrian Accident Recovery in Nassau County for an 80 year-old man after the wheel of a tow truck ran over his foot causing ankle fractures and severe skin loss
  • $1.25 million
    Slip, Trip and Fall Accident Verdict for Brooklyn woman who slipped and fell on ice at her daughter’s school resulting in a severe ankle fracture and surgery
  • $1.2 million
    Burn Injury Recovery for a Brooklyn woman who sustained a second degree burn on her leg when the gas range oven in her apartment exploded due to the negligence of her landlord and the gas company. The burn injury did not require surgery but resulted in a permanent scar.
  • $1.0 million
    Medical Malpractice Verdict for a Bronx woman in medical malpractice case against her plastic surgeon who failed to inform her of certain risks of the elective scar revision surgery that he performed on her jaw and neck which resulted in a slightly longer scar
  • $950,000
    Sidewalk Accident Verdict for Queens woman who injured her knee in trip and fall on sidewalk doors
  • $950,000
    Wrongful Death Wrongful death settlement obtained for the family of a 91 year-old nun who was killed in a nursing home when an unsecured wardrobe closet fell on top of her. ( Click here to view ABC TV news coverage of this case.)
  • $900,000
    Good Samaritan Recovery after a jury trial in the Bronx for a “Good Samaritan” who pulled over on the Bruckner Expressway to rescue a disabled motorist from a burning car, and in the process, was struck by a passing cab resulting in severe injuries. The motorist who was rescued by our client was later discovered through our own investigation to have been drunk and intoxicated at the time of the accident and he was forced to pay $800,000 of the total settlement under the Good Samaritan doctrine for creating the dangerous rescue situation and the cab driver paid $100,000. The appeals court decision in this case has become a landmark court decision for “Good Samaritan” cases in New York State.
  • $874,950
    Slip, Trip and Fall Accident Recovery for a Bronx man who tripped on a dangerous grate and required knee surgery
  • $775,000
    Subway Accident Verdict against NYC Transit Authority for Brooklyn woman who fell down subway steps that jury determined to be defective and dangerous
  • $650,000
    Car Accident Recovery in Suffolk County for a karate instructor who sustained a back injury in low-speed parking lot car accident
  • $500,000
    Pedestrian Accident Recovery for pedestrian hit by car in Nassau County.
  • $500,000
    Motor Vehicle Accident

    Settlement for 63 year-old Suffolk County woman who was rear-ended and sustained injuries to her neck.

  • $483,500
    Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement for 53 year-old woman in Nassau who required neck surgery after rear end collision.
  • $475,000
    Dog Bite Recovery for woman bitten by a pit bull in Suffolk County.
  • $475,000
    Burn Injuries Settlement for Bronx man who sustained burn injuries to his leg at work.
  • $470,000
    Sidewalk Accident Recovery for an 86 year-old woman in Nassau County who was injured when she fell into open sidewalk cellar doors
  • $450,000
    Pedestrian Accident Recovery for a Brooklyn woman was struck by a van while crossing the street in a low speed impact that caused her to suffer a knee injury and back injury
  • $450,000
    NYCTA Bus Accident

    Disabled bus passenger in wheelchair tipped over and fractured his leg due to negligent failure of bus driver to properly secure wheelchair

  • $390,000
    Stairway Accident Recovery for a Bronx woman who injured her neck when she fell on a loose step in her basement apartment
  • $375,000
    Ceiling Collapse

    Recovery for neck injury sustained by woman when portion of ceiling fell on her head in her apartment

  • $355,000
    Slip, Trip & Fall Accident Recovery for 62-year old Staten Island woman who slipped on ice.
  • $350,000
    Pedestrian Accident Recovery for Nassau County woman hit by car while crossing the street.
  • $300,000
    Car Accident Recovery in Nassau County for a 26 year-old woman who sustained back injuries in a car accident
  • $300,000
    Car Accident Recovery in Nassau County for a 70 year-old pedestrian who was legally blind, mentally retarded and walking alone when she was hit by a car in a low-speed impact resulting in leg injuries
  • $300,000
    Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery for 53 year old Suffolk man with neck and back injuries in collision
  • $297,500
    Defective Stairway

    Recovery for 61 year-old woman in Nassau who fell and fractured her ankle due to lack of handrails on homeowner’s basement stairs

  • $290,000
    Car Accident Recovery in Nassau County for a man who injured his neck in rear-end car accident
  • $285,000
    Car Accident Recovery in Nassau County for a woman who broke her leg in car accident
  • $270,000
    Car Accident Recovery in Nassau County for a teenager who fractured her hip in car accident
  • $250,000
    Pedestrian Accident Recovered for a Brooklyn teenager who was struck by a car while walking near his college campus in Syracuse and sustained a fractured hip
  • $250,000
    Car Accident Arbitration recovery in Nassau County for a man who exacerbated his back injuries in a rear-end collision motor vehicle accident
  • $250,000
    Medical Malpractice Recovery for a Bronx infant in medical malpractice action for burn injuries sustained to her forearm due to an IV infiltration that the anesthesiologist failed to monitor during a surgical procedure
  • $245,000
    Slip, Trip and Fall Accident Recovery for a Manhattan man who fractured his ankle in a slip and fall on icy steps in front of his apartment building
  • $220,000
    Motor Vehicle Accident

    Recovered for 61 year-old woman in Suffolk County who sustained neck injuries from a rear end collision

  • $212,500
    Pedestrian Knockdown

    Recovery for 64 year-old Nassau County woman who was hit by a car at low speed and sustained a torn rotator cuff in her shoulder. The driver denied hitting her but witnesses substantiated her claim.

  • $210,000
    Fall Accident In Queens for a 34 year-old woman who broke her arm while trying to mount an NYPD police horse before a Mets/Yankees game and the mounted police officer dropped her – the jury determined that the police officer was 85% at fault and that plaintiff was 15% at fault
  • $205,000
    Work Injury Settlement for NYCTA bus driver injured when his bus hit a pothole.
  • $200,000
    Motorcycle Accident Verdict in Brooklyn for motorcycle operator. The other driver was found 100% at fault.
  • $200,000
    Premises Defect

    Recovered for Brooklyn man who tripped and fractured his ankle on negligently placed table at festival

  • $182,500
    Taxi Cab Accident

    Settlement during trial for 72 year-old Brooklyn man with shoulder injury from taxi cab collision

  • $145,000
    Medical Malpractice Recovery for 2-year-old burned by I.V. infiltration.