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Common Causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents in New York


Collision accidents between semi-trucks and passenger vehicles do not tend to come out well for the passenger vehicle. Tractor-trailers and 18-wheelers are heavy, long, tall pieces of machinery that tower over cars and light trucks. 18-wheeler accidents, thus, almost always result in very serious injuries, if not an untimely death.

Investigating the causes of 18-wheeler accidents is the important job of the personal injury law firm representing the accident victim. The lawsuit against the responsible parties will proceed differently depending on what facts the investigation uncovers.

The Pryor Law Firm has served the New York City and Long Island area for two decades, including representing victims of serious injury in New York 18-wheeler accidents. Firm founder Kenneth A. Pryor is a member in the prestigious Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Mr. Pryor is an experienced trial lawyer who teaches trial skills as an adjunct law school professor. Our firm can provide the knowledgeable and experienced legal representation you need after a serious tractor-trailer accident.

When The Pryor Law Firm advocates for 18-wheeler accident victims, our investigation into the causes of the collision covers the following issues:

  • Was the driver under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol?
  • Did the driver violate federal safety regulations regarding maximum hours on the road without rest?
  • Did the 18-wheeler driver violate traffic laws or otherwise drive recklessly, such as by speeding or changing lanes carelessly?
  • Did a vehicle malfunction cause the accident, in whole or in part? In other words, did the semi truck have faulty brakes, faulty turn signals, or other nonworking equipment?
  • Was the 18-wheeler’s load improperly secured?
  • Was the driver talking on the phone or texting when the collision occurred?
  • Was the highway or road on which the collision occurred improperly maintained or constructed?
  • Had the semi truck received careless or incomplete maintenance, such that it made the collision more likely?

The answers to these and other investigative questions guide our attorneys when selecting the legal strategies best suited to the circumstances to achieve full and fair compensation for our client.

The Pryor Law Firm maintains offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Nassau County. We handle personal injury cases exclusively on a contingency fee basis (meaning you pay no fee unless we recover compensation for you) and we can visit you or your loved one at home or at a hospital if travel is too difficult. To contact us for confidential legal advice regarding representation after a serious construction site accident, submit our online contact form or call (855) 889-5311.

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