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Dealing With Insurance After a Car Crash

Dealing With Insurance

The majority of drivers file claims once every eight to ten years, according to the Insurance Information Institute. This hardly makes motorists experts. Dealing with insurance after a car crash can be time-consuming, frustrating, and intimidating. This is the case even if you are not the at-fault driver but are dealing with injuries and motor vehicle damage.

The first step is to contact your insurance agent and inform them of the crash. You might want to wait till you get home from the doctor or hospital and calm down before you begin supplying all the details of the crash. Generally, there are different claims adjusters assigned to your case for the medical as opposed to the vehicle damage part of our claim. And because New York is a no-fault state, you will also expect to be hearing from both your insurance company as well as the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

At the accident scene, if possible, take photos of the crash site. You can use your own camera phone. Additionally, note the time of day, the date, the name of the person driving the other car, the license plate, car make and model, car registration, license plate number, insurance agent name and company, as well as the contact telephone and email information.

Please note that the insurance company is not necessarily interested in making sure you get all better. They are, rather, interested in closing the claim as soon as possible. Whether you suffered soft tissue injuries or serious permanent injury, you should consider protecting your rights by discussing your situation with an experienced personal injury attorney. It can be helpful to understand how to navigate the claims process and also to have an advocate speak on your behalf.

Additionally, don’t sign any papers until you are sure you understand what you are signing. Sometimes, the insurance company from the at-fault driver will call and ask how you are. Please note they may sound very friendly and inviting, but they may not be asking out of true care, but rather trying to get you to admit that you are fine, even if you are injured. They could then use that information against you as you seek treatment for your injury.

The Pryor Law Firm is here to help protect your rights and answer your questions regarding an auto accident in which you suffered injuries.

Recent case results include:

  1. $250,000 recovered for a Brooklyn teenager who suffered a fractured hip after being struck by a car near his Syracuse college campus
  2. $900,000 recovery after a jury trial in the Bronx for a “Good Samaritan” who pulled over on the Bruckner Expressway to rescue a disabled motorist from a burning car, and in the process, was struck by a passing cab resulting in severe injuries. Through our investigation we discovered that the rescued motorist was drunk at the time of the crash. He had to pay $800,000 of the total settlement under the Good Samaritan doctrine for creating the dangerous rescue situation. The cabbie paid $100,000. The appeals court decision in this case has become a landmark court decision for “Good Samaritan” cases in New York State.*

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The Pryor Law Firm maintains offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Nassau County. We handle personal injury cases exclusively on a contingency fee basis (meaning you pay no fee unless we recover compensation for you), and we can visit you or your loved one at home or at a hospital if travel is too difficult. To contact us for confidential advice following a serious injury or fatal accident, submit our online contact form or call (855) 889-5311.

Firm founder Kenneth A. Pryor is a member of the prestigious Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Mr. Pryor is an experienced trial lawyer who teaches trial skills as an adjunct law school professor. Our firm can provide the knowledgeable and experienced legal representation you need.

* Disclaimer: The above case results are samples of some of the verdicts and settlements that were obtained through the efforts of Kenneth A. Pryor during his career as lead counsel or co-counsel and the results were dependent on the specific facts of each individual case. Prior results are no guarantee of a similar outcome or future success. Each case is unique and the final outcome of negotiations or trial is never guaranteed. In some cases, the verdicts may have been reduced by a court or settled by the parties for a lesser amount.

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