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Comparative Fault and Car Accidents: How Can You Ensure Your Rights are Protected?


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Most people are familiar with the situation in that, following a car accident, the victim receives a lump sum that covers all damages he or she suffered. In the state of New York, however, victims’ rights are affected by comparative fault / comparative negligence laws.

Generally, comparative fault laws work like this: if a car accident victim is determined to have been 10 percent negligent or 10 percent responsible for an accident, her or his compensation is reduced by that same amount – 10 percent. This contrasts with no – fault laws, which state that victims receive compensation regardless of who was at fault, and contributory negligence, which means that, if the victim was at all negligent (even one percent negligent), he or she is barred from receiving any compensation.

If you have been injured in an auto accident in New York, it is important that you work with an attorney who is highly familiar with New York’s comparative fault laws and who is skilled in ensuring that the percentage of negligence attributed to you as is as low as possible.

Kenneth A. Pryor of The Pryor Law Firm has two decades of comparative fault-law legal experience in New York. He is an adjunct law school instructor teaching trial skills and has a track record that includes numerous seven-figure settlements and verdicts, as well as hundreds of six-figure results. Attorney Pryor can protect your rights when opposing attorneys and others attempt to limit the amount of compensation you are owed. To learn more about comparative fault law and how it may affect your rights following a car accident, contact our firm.

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